About the Journal

Epidemiology and Population Health (ISSN 2834-720X) is a distinguished, peer-reviewed, and open-access research journal that focuses on the epidemiological study of various diseases and their underlying causes. The journal welcomes original research articles that cover a broad range of topics in epidemiology, as well as those that describe innovative epidemiologic and statistical methods.

The scope of the journal encompasses several interdisciplinary fields, such as public health, preventive medicine, clinical medicine, health economics, computational biology, and data science applied to health and disease. This diversity in subject matter provides a unique platform for the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Epidemiology and Population Health accepts various types of articles, including research, reviews, mini-reviews, case reports, letters to the editor, commentaries, and reports. It aims to provide a single forum for researchers, clinicians, and practitioners to share their insights and contribute to the advancement of epidemiological research.

The journal employs a rigorous double-blind peer review process to ensure an unbiased evaluation of the submissions. All articles published in the journal are freely accessible online immediately after acceptance, allowing for rapid dissemination of the latest research findings in epidemiology and population health.

Manuscripts can be submitted through our online portal or by sending them as an attachment to publications@scienceexcel.org