About the Journal

Translational Oncology and Therapeutics is an open-access research journal that offers a platform for publishing high-quality manuscripts that bridge the gap between laboratory and clinical settings in oncology patients. The journal aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the bench to the bedside, covering all aspects of oncological research, therapeutic application, and molecular biology of tumors.

The journal focuses on the identification of biomarkers for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, or prediction of treatment response, new targets for cancer therapy, as well as the development of new technologies for research and treatment of cancer. It also covers the molecular and cellular bases of disease, aetiology, pathophysiology, pathology, epidemiology, clinical features, and the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cancer.

Translational Oncology and Therapeutics accepts a variety of article types, including research, reviews, mini-reviews, case reports, letters to the editor, and commentaries, providing a single forum for discussion. The journal employs a strict double-blind peer review process to ensure unbiased recognition of the work, with all articles being freely available online immediately after acceptance.

Authors can benefit from the journal's rigorous and fair peer review process, global reach, open access, and rapid publication of accepted manuscripts. The journal is an invaluable resource for researchers, clinicians, and other professionals interested in the latest advances in translational oncology and therapeutics.

Manuscripts can be submitted through our online portal or by sending them as an attachment to publications@scienceexcel.org